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My name is Cristina Tartaglia and my passion for movement was born when I was only 5 years old when I fell in love with dance. The dance has accompanied me in all my growth and thanks to it I have discovered a deep interest in the knowledge of the human body.

My pilates training began after a year of discovering myself around South America, where I understood how important it is to do what I love. I attended the first Matwork, Props and Anatomy courses in Turin with the Postural Pilates Academy, and then moved to Costa Rica, in Nosara to complete my entire journey on pilates Apparatus with Page Sieffert, one of the most renowned teachers on the American scene. Here I was able to attend workshops with highly trained and competent teachers and deepen my knowledge of anatomy. Back in Italy, I started my GYROTONIC® Trainer path at GYROTONIC® Rome with Lucrezia Caricola and Luca Biasini.

In the same period I started my training as a masseuse, first only for personal interest, but soon it became complementary to my work.


I am a Pilates Balanced Body teacher qualified to teach on all Pilates Apparatus

I am Certified GYROTONIC® Trainer

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